M1 to M2 Migration

The platform of the future: Magento 2

We are already halfway past mark in 2017 and we need to give a serious thought to migration to the platform of the future, Magento 2.0. Technical support for Magento 1.0 will be on a downslide and over next eighteen to twenty-four months the security patches will be phased out. It’s hence important that all forward-looking E-commerce storeowners take an early decision and move in this direction.

Our team of professionals is fully equipped to assist you in this transition and provide you with all the expertise required for a smoother and a flawless migration experience!!

Every migration requires time and expertise and this is no different. Hence, we recommend that you leave the migration to our experts and you focus on what you do best- make money from your business

Let’s take a brief look into what all is involved in this.

Migration to Magento 2 involves four basic components:

  • Data
  • Extensions
  • Themes, and
  • Customizations

Let’s look at each of these components briefly to get a broad perspective of the migration process

DATA MIGRATION: Data Migration allows you to migrate all your data from your Magento 1 store to Magento 2 store. We can help you move all data related to products, customers, their orders, store configurations, promotions etc.

EXTENSION MIGRATION: In most of the cases Magento 1 extensions will not be compatible with Magento 2 code. Hence you will have to review the list of extensions required you’re your store. We have updated/ developed extensions for Magento 2 which will provide your customers a seamless store and shopping experience.

THEME MIGRATION: Magento 2 does not allow themes from Magento 1 to be migrated directly. Our team of experts will work with your frontend developer or designer and help you create a new theme for Magento 2. You can take this opportunity to test your site and ensure that it is responsive, user friendly, easy to navigate and follows best practises

Code Migration(CUSTOMIZATION): The custom code written for your Magento 1 store is compatible with Magento 2 in most cases. However, the code will require either rewriting or migrating. Our experts are equipped to handle this and offer tools that will help you in the migration process.

 Why Magewares??

  • Inhouse expertise
  • Least migration time
  • Low risks
  • Ready extension for Magento 2

What do we bring to the table?

We will take care of all stages of the store migration and ensure that every important piece of data is successfully migrated to the brand new Magento 2 store environment.

Individual store owner requirements may vary and in addition to below we can include extra services viz custom development, installation and development of a particular extension and design which will support the migration process.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

Migration of data: customers, products, orders, images, databases, financial data etc.;

Custom theme migration and adjustments to Magento 2, or new theme development for Magento 2(whatever is more appropriate and cost effective);

Extension customization and integration

On-going support by our trusted team of Magento experts 

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