Upcoming E-commerce trends to watch out for!!

Shopping habits and patterns are experiencing a major shift and the E-commerce industry continues to grow rapidly. There is huge market acting as a magnet to brands large, medium and small. As the market is growing, so is competition!! . This means customers are harder to acquire, easier to lose, choosy on price and demanding on user experience. Consumers own several devices—smartphone, tablet, computer—and expect an online shopping experience that’s quick, easy, and, above all, user friendly.

Though US has been the major driver of E-commerce growth, E-commerce now is a global phenomenon. Although currently on a growth trajectory, the US market isn’t all that far off saturation point, so we can expect sales starting to plateau or the growth rates to at least slow slightly. This contrasts with Asian markets, especially China, where E-commerce sales are expected to continue their huge growth. China is driving the overall growth, accounting for a huge chunk of global E-commerce sales. China’s growth is so rapid that total E-commerce sales there are expected to double between now and 2019, adding $1 trillion dollars worth of additional sales in just three years!

So what is it, that would redesign the E-commerce shopping experience. Let’s take a sneak peek

1. Introducing Amazon Prime Air : a package delivery service that’s being designed by Amazon, which will deliver packages to customers via air drone. The logistics and the details are still being fine-tuned. Basically, small delivery drones will be used to deliver packages from metropolitan fulfillment centers to businesses and homes within a predetermined geographical range within 30 minutes from the order being placed!! Watch the amazing video below


2. One-click checkouts will be a game-changer in 2017 because they cater to a user’s behavior and past shopping experience to generate strong conversion thresholds

3. E-wallets: Payment processors are hopping on the e-wallet bandwagon as quickly as they can. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, Stripe and Google Wallet will make checking out a simpler and more secure option in the near future.

4. Intuitive E-commerce software : There are some undeniably awesome software solutions out there for E-commerce. But emerging technology will improve these solutions. Expect to see more self-learning solutions, enhanced chat bots, predictive shopping and automated conversion funnel enhancers, to name a few.

5. Mobile commerce it is : Mobiles have emerged as clear winners as the traffic on mobile-friendly E-commerce sites surpassed the desktop in the year 2016. A Marketing Land report reveals that 55% of online traffic to the leading retailer websites originates from mobile devices. Roughly half of all web traffic overall is derived from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Google has also forced E-commerce stores to go mobile responsive to be able to rank high on their search engine. It is highly recommended that the business owners enhance the customer experience for the mobile websites.

Of all the E-commerce technology trends to watch, mobile marketing, related platforms, self-learning programs, big data, trend analyzers and predictors, aggregators and more will be the biggest MOVERS & SHAKERS.

Keep watching…for some more interesting insights…will be back soon!!

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Pradeep is an entrepreneur and an E-commerce enthusiast. He is a Magento developer and specializes in creating Magento plugins. An avid follower of E-commerce technologies, he enjoys writing about various aspects of  E-commerce. He can be reached on: pradeep38mail@gmail.com


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