Top 5 Magento Blogs That You Should Follow

magento blogs

Magento is a reasonably simple e-commerce development platform – however, like all full-featured platforms – it does get overwhelming whether you are a newbie or experienced in Magento platform. There are times you get issues that you do not know how to resolve, right?
So the question is what to do when you get stuck? To assist you in overcoming these unwanted situations, we advise five top Magento blogs that contain rich resources and easy-to-understand tutorials, which you might be able to show to your Magento development team.

1 . Magento Blog

Magento has created a very active Magento community through blog, wiki, and forum. If you look at the Magento blog, you’ll find official updates, best practices, technical tips, and customer stories. Check the dates on a number of the solutions as well, as posts older post may not be beneficial. Magento also has an on-demand resource called MagentoU (Magento University) where you can find helpful information, video tutorials, video courses (both paid and free charge).

2. Practical Ecommerce

This blog is just not about Magento but relevant articles and advice to help businesses succeed online. However, you will find a large number of posts on Magento since it is the largest e-commerce platform. Hence, there is much relevant information about Magento on the Practical Ecommerce blog.

3. Aheadworks

Aheadworks, Inc. is a dynamic market leading provider of Magento extensions, Magento templates and themes, and custom development. Get eCommerce tips, news, updates about Magento. They also offer free Magento extensions which are quite popular.

4. Siteground

Site Ground is a web hosting company with Magento Hosting Expertise. You will find easy to understand step by step tutorials on Magento which will make your job easier. We still refer to this great resource since it is one blog which provides updated relevant information about Magento.

5. Inchoo

If you search any topic on Magento, chances are, you will see Inchoo blog on the first or second page of google results. Inchoo was founded in 2008 Osijek, Croatia as a full-service eCommerce development agency. Their blog not only covers daily issues they face but a lot of other Magento resources such as trending topics, re-usable code for developers, marketing strategies for business and more.


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