Tips on Choosing a good Magento Hosting Provider

Choosing the right hosting provider is not only essential for your Magento E-commerce store performance but nowadays it also affects the overall SEO of your online store. If you are investing in SEO for organic traffic, you need to ensure that people do not leave your online store just because they have to wait a few seconds for your page to load.

A right hosting provider is essential for the above said reason. Let us look at the factors for choosing the right hosting provider. This can be difficult to choose when there are so many options available. So, how do I decide which hosting provider is best for my Magento store?

1. Choose the right kind of hosting provider

Ask yourself these questions:

What will your customers be doing on your website? Register accounts, buy products, or stream videos.

If you have a high amount of video content, you may need a premium hosting provider with a premium plan which ensures that your video content does not lag if you have high traffic. Similarly, if you have a simple blog, you may opt of any web host with a cheap hosting plan.

2. Choose the Right Hosting Package

From traditional hosting to cloud-based web hosting or Virtual Private Servers (VPS), you must decide which one is best for your store. All hosting packages vary in terms of speed, amount of traffic they can accommodate and the bandwidth they provide. So, looking at these factors, you should ensure that your customer bounce rate does not take a hit.

3. Security

Magento is the most popular E-commerce platforms, is also targeted the most by hackers. There have been reports of credit card data stolen from big E-commerce stores, and Magento merchants are well aware of this. Even though Magento provides all the upgrades and patches for all security vulnerabilities, your web host is also responsible for the level of security on your website.
Check if your web host suffered any significant breaches in the last few years?

4. Regular backups

Ensure that your web host takes automated backups regularly. In case of a major outage, you need to ensure that all your customer data is backed up and kept safe by all means because losing data means losing credibility and thus losing business. Hosting providers usually charge extra for better protection, but it’s worth it to ensure your store data is safe.

5. Check reviews from different resources

Spend the time doing your research and see if your chosen Magento web host offers you the features and functionality you require.
Do a google search, and you will find a lot of relevant and genuine reviews about different hosting providers. Also, apart from blogs, it is always wise to check forum post or ask questions on forums. Trust me; it will pay off big.

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