A quality extension for Magento and WordPress Integration

Magewares wordpress and magento integration

Magento and WordPress are without a doubt the best in their own terms. While Magento provides an incredible e-commerce resolution, WordPress is the hottest CMS platform.

Magento/Wordpress developers are searching for practical solutions or tools to integrate both to get the best of both platforms. Advantages seem manifold. You’ll have the sturdy options and practicality of Magento and still enjoy the simplicity of development with WordPress. The e-commerce store boasts dominant performance  and also an elegant look if these 2 platforms are incorporated. However, the combination method isn’t as simple as it sounds. Due to the years-long analysis, existing Magento development firms and freelance developers avail significant advantages by WordPress plugins or Magento extensions.

How to Integrate WordPress and Magento?

Magento WordPress Integration is a freely offered extension developed by Fishpig, designed for seamless integration of Magento and WordPress. The extension can be used with all editions of Magento. The best part is that it does not create any changes to the core files of Magento or WordPress. It can be downloaded and installed from Magento Connect. It enables you to merge WordPress posts with products listed in Magento. You’ll be able to use the extension jointly to produce a menu in WordPress and later bring it to the highest menu of Magento.

The Benefits

Themes for both Magento and WordPress can be used simultaneously
• Both WordPress and Magento blocks, menus can be used
• Adds improved SEO functionality for products
• Connect the linking structures
• Smooth blog to cart integration

Generally, there are many native WordPress eCommerce modules and blogging extensions for Magento. However, none of those solutions provide all the benefits of platforms integration.
As of now, the sole operating answer to integrate Magento and WordPress is the installation of third-party modules.
So, here is the Magento WordPress Integration plugin that’s accessible for free of charge. You’ll be able to quickly merge the 2 platforms to get all their features at your service.

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