Easier checkout for your Magento store

Magewares One Step CheckoutThe Checkout page is one of the most critical parts of your e-commerce store.

Your sales are directly dependent on the flexibility of the checkout page.

One of the most commonly used extensions in Magento e-commerce stores during the checkout process is the One step checkout extension.

It is very frustrating if your customers have to go back and forth to fill their information or change any uncorrected field. This extension takes care of this, as all required sections are displayed clearly on one page thus simplifying the checkout process and making it user-friendly for the customer.
Before you select the extension, you need to ensure that the extension is compatible with other extensions. Therefore, keeping all these aspects in mind, we have created an extension for Magento to provide your customers with the best experience during checkout thus increasing your conversion rate.

Magewares One Step Checkout for Magento gives you the flexibility and the ability to:

• Easily customizable checkout page design
• Fully responsive design
• Let customers edit product options during checkout
• Auto update order information
• Automatic geolocation detection and Google Address suggestions
• Compatible with 3rd party extensions
• Gives you full control to manage your check out fields
• Support multiple payment methods

Additional benefits of Magewares extensions:

• Extensions created by certified world class Magento developers.
• 120 days free support on any extension purchased.
• If the extension doesn’t go well with your needs, we will modify it to match your business requirements
• 24 hours technical support available.
• 45 days refund time and hassle-free refund if you don’t like the extension.
• Get free extension updates for 6 months and then 50% off on your extension upgrades.
• 50% off on extension add-ons for the next 6 months.
• Want a payment plan for your purchase, email us, we will build up the right plan for you.
• Get in-person demo over Skype or your preferred way of screen share with one of our team members so you can fully understand the extension before buying.

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